Bikini Cup Results and July 1st schedule

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GFLYC Members and friends,

We had a blast at last week’s Bikini Cup. A big Thank You to Mary and Dwight Segraves for another great event. I’m not sure how long they’ve done it but it’s a lot of work and they do a great job every year. Below are the race results and a few pics of the party afterwards.

1st- Whiskey Girl/ Christine McInerny 84min/54sec
2nd- Blue Nose/ Mary Segraves 85min/16sec
3rd- Persuasion/ Jenny Vandiver 91min/43sec

Rounding out the fleet that day was (in alphabetical order)-

Bonnie Joy/ Amanda Reid Carpe Diem/ Ginny Webb
Catalina 27/ Cathy Overton Coming About/ Dana Olvey
Dolphin Boy/ Jessie Gray Leah Camille/ Anna ?
Long Shot/ Betty Eldridge


More Big News!!
– Brent Ryals, owner of a Beneteau on Q dock has been kind enough to donate, yes I said DONATE, a Hunter 170 sailboat and trailer to GFLYC for use in club events and the new Youth sailing program. If you see Brent on the docks, please let him know how much we appreciate it. He deserves a big Thanks! It’s members like him, Dwight and Mary that will continue to help our club grow.

Next weekend Schedule-

Youth Sailing 9am-12pm
This is a fun time. We will meet on R dock and have some fun races/games planned. If you know a youth that wants to attend, please fill out the application and let us know they’re coming.

Rum Run “Race”-
This is a new event we’re going to try- everyone that wants to participate needs to bring a bottle of liquor/wine, their choice ($20 minimum), to the committee boat by 12:00. The committee boat will leave and set a mark on the lake not known to anyone and it will have long numbered ribbons attached. The committee boat will give out a course bearing that will lead to the mark. The race will begin at 1pm from the no wake bouys at Eden Isle (self start, honor system) and the boats are to sail to point four off the north end of Eden Isle. When you are due north of point four, the mark will lay somewhere along that bearing that will be given out. The goal is to sail up to the mark, retrieve a ribbon, and return to the committee boat on R dock for your prize. Each ribbon will have a number that will be assigned to the bottles that are entered. There will also be a prize for the first boat back and another for commodore’s pick. The fun part about this is it is not time sensitive. You could have the slowest boat, take the most scenic route, and still win the best bottle!! Afterwards everyone is invited to tie up at Goat, go sailing, or just hang out and watch the kids sail in the small boats.

Family sailing afternoon-
With our 2 Sailcubes, the club’s new Hunter 170, and a Precision 15 loaned by Carey Vandiver, we will have family sailing that afternoon. If a club member or Youth sailing participant want to take any of these boats out, we will have them tied up at R dock. This is real informal but if there’s a breeze, it’ll be fun to take one of those out to play. I will be on the committee boat handing out the “Rum Run” prizes and planned to fire up the grill and cook some hot dogs if anyone wants one. I know 2 Vandiver boys that will be sailing!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the lake next weekend. It should be fun!

Kevin Vandiver
S/V Persuasion




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