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Greers Ferry Lake Yacht Club has a very active group of sailors and their families who share the enjoyment of boating at Greers Ferry Lake. Our eclectic nature is our strength. We have members who enjoy the competition of racing and others who prefer to cruise.
We have members who have their own boat and others who crew on someone else’s boat. Some of our members have large boats over 40 feet in length, while others have smaller boats at less than 22 feet long. As with any group of people, we have members who like to party late into the night and others who retire to their bunk when the sun sets. No matter what your level of experience or your interests, if you enjoy some aspect of the sailing life, there is a place for you in our yacht club.
Because we enjoy the company of all types of sailors, our club is relatively informal. We are not like what may be the stereotypical yacht club with a fancy clubhouse and members walking around in blue blazers. We just enjoy sailing and socializing together.

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